Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Non-Stop Birding

Pic by Twigg.

Two or three years ago I single handedly started an eco-social movement called Non-stop Birding and I am pleased to announce that the movement has gone from strength to strength and...... well I am still at it, single handedly- although for a brief time I had a non English speaking Bulgarian join in the crusade (who gave up once he learnt English and understood what I was going on about).

Well what is Non-Stop Birding?

a) Understanding that birds are connected to and dependent on the wider ecological, social and economic environment and ultimately the welfare of birds depends on the wildlife sensitive management of that wider system

b) Understanding that the protection of birds depends on birds being valued in society at large and protection being incorporated at the system level- in birds being provided for in all of societies endeavours- housing, industry, culture and agriculture. In other words for birds and wildlife to become a 'must have' in the human environment.

c) Personal implemention of the protection of birds and promotion of birding in every endeavour i) At work ii) In the garden iii) In local community activities iv) at the local patch v) on holiday and vi) anything else e.g. down the pub or up the club

d) Despite being a birding freak doing a personal very best to conform (to at least a minimalist level) to wider social expectations (in manners and appearance) and engagements in order to be a good ambassador for birding and to promote the value of birds to others.

e) Birding just for fun and interest as much as feasibly possible.

f) Doing a personal best to be a birder and a normal(ish) human and if they still aint happy well.... f##k em.


Graham James said...

Well, at least I can identify with the last statement, Peter!

Mark James Pearson said...

very nicely put mate - ditto from me

Peter Alfrey said...

Ha ha! Well the last statement is all it condenses down to anyway- the rest just follows naturally :-)