Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Daddylong legs

Been working on our music/art project this week. Got some new stuff coming out soon. Here is one of the pieces we did earlier this year- a cartoon and track called Daddy Long Legs. Its is inspired by my first experiences with nature- which was mindlessly being cruel to nature. The track is really about a fantasy character who doesn't grow out of it.



Steve Gale said...

Hi Peter, I was reminded of the band Caravan - the vocals especially. Check out 'Golf Girl' if you can get hold of it. What I've heard of TheeBryans so far I've liked very much. But there again, what does a middle-aged t*sser like me know, eh?

Peter Alfrey said...

Hi Steve,
i checked out golf girl- I like all the prog rock, pyschadelic stuff. You middle aged tossers are the generation that created all the best stuff!