Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Pics top to bottom: Rough-legged 'Hawk', Yellow Wagtail, me in the crater and Vincent Legrand.
Caught up with the Rough-legged Buzzard/Hawk in the crater but it involved a climb to the top to get a decent view which has left me blistered and in pain. Vincent and I dipped the 3 Buff-bellied Pipits that were also in the crater but we got White-rumped Sandpiper.
The afternoon was spent wasting time looking for that b##t##d flicker which was seen again by Christian, who has seen it eight times while some of us haven't seen it once!
A Yellow Wagtail in the village continues the eastern theme- another Azores tick for me.
More bird news from the Azores as ever and always:

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