Thursday, 21 October 2010


Things are taking their toll. My knees are swollen and I can hardly walk anymore. Vincent fell asleep for the afternoon on the sofa and several birders have left for the tranquility of Flores (or rather a hire car instead of relentlessly walking the steep volcanic slopes of Corvo).
Despite being semi-crippled I still got an Azores tick- a Common Kestrel mobbing the Rough-legged Hawk from the Guesthouse balcony. The rest of the day was spent pointing the camera at common birds (Blackcap above)
Laurens Steijn brought a Birding Breaks tour here today and they jammed into the Northern Flicker within a couple of hours!!


gerbrand said...

I did some newspaper reading for you and the article claims more less all important Corvo observations are made by Belgium's.

Peter Alfrey said...

hahaha! It was true this year :-)