Saturday, 11 September 2010

'UK's first sustainable village' community meeting

All this nature reserve and sustainable village stuff is stressing me out. How hard can it be- well as hard as people want to make it and people round here want to make is as hard and boring as blinking possible. We had a community meeting on Thursday which was about as interesting as my old days in the religious cult that my mum used to drag me to twice a week. I thought Hackbridge was supposed to be spear heading a revolution in society. If this is a revolution than it is a bloody big one of imperceptible speed- like the rock cycle. I tried to spice things up a bit by hurling abuse at the speaker but the plebs shouted me down instead of rising up and storming the joint :-)) Oh well, better try something else.


Graham James said...

I sympathise with you completely, Peter.
It is easy to get others to pledge their support but when it comes to actually getting things moving, their support seems to evaporate quickly.
A protest over development of an area of marshland in Kent back in the 1970s had over 200 people pledging their support. On the day of the protest, six of us turned up!

Peter Alfrey said...

Tell me about it Graham.
However a few do-ers who get on with things, irrespective of all the 'talkers', is all it needs- hopefully :-)

Maya YS said...

Sorry to hear it was so boring. Should have introduced them to the trout dance! ;-)

Peter Alfrey said...

Okay then... I'll give it a go. Next time I am going to turn up dressed like a giant trout and start dancing amongst all the councillors- that will definately liven things up :-))))))))

Maya Yamashita said...

Yes! Brilliant!!! Remember the warm up post-lunch time too :-) By the way, didn't realise you played the guitar (saw your other blog) - perhaps take that with you too and have a little sing along! Oh dear, the singing trout. Yeah, Ok... sorry.... Do you gig much??

Peter Alfrey said...

Well the plan was to get the band involved but it is proving to be harder than I thought. Just try doing anything on the premise that 'something is open to everyone'- loads of people want to join in but for as long as other types of people don't :-)) So... no gigs just lots of trouble.
That's why its gonna be just me and the trout dance :-)))