Friday, 27 August 2010


I spent today running from my desk to the window trying to get my work done while being frequently interrupted by phone calls from outside the window. First of all I managed to miss a flock of Grey Plover because I had to go to the yard and on my return I couldn't get onto an Osprey which was heading south. Then shocking news- a Honey Buzzard heading south east which I saw as a tiny dot and then an hour or so later Johnny called me again- another Honey Buzzard over the lake but I just couldn't get onto it. In between all this Simon was frequently calling me of news of a huge seabird push up the Thames- Sabine's Gulls, Long-tailed, Pom, Arctic and Great Skuas in good numbers pushing up river. Seabirds were flying up river past Rainham and a Great Skua at Bough Beech indicated that at least some where cutting across land. I managed to complete my work by 1530 and spent the evening on the farm but it was too late. All I managed to rustle up was a Yellow Wagtail and this adult male Wheatear (in its autumn plumage). At times like this the word 'bugger' springs to mind.


Graham James said...

A stress day for us lot at Holmethorpe too, Peter, but for a different reason. Whilst others were enjoying good birding elsewhere, our local patch was almost a bird-free zone!!!

Peter Alfrey said...

Fingers crossed for tomorrow!
I'll be out around first light (I use the word 'around' loosely).