Saturday, 31 July 2010

Thames Estuary Essex

Spent yesterday with Simon checking out a few Essex Thames sites. Numbers of staging waders and terns (Sandwich Tern, pic 1) are beginning to build.

Juvenile Oystercatcher (note dark eye and fresh remiges). Adults have deep red eyes and many are in various states of moult this time of year.

Presumed schinzii Dunlin from Canvey Point in the spring 2010. Note the rich rufous tinged upperparts compared to much darker looking birds at the same location yesterday. This is due to the fringes being worn off- accentuated I guess by the long days and harsh environment of their tundra breeding areas.

Presumed schinzii Dunlin from Canvey Point in late July 2010 (Pic by Simon). In just over two months these birds have travelled to their northern breeding grounds, bred and are now 'back' at Canvey. Schinzii will stage in the Thames and head further south for the winter (many in West Africa)- to be replaced by the race alpina that winters in the Thames.

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john said...

Wonderful photos.