Thursday, 22 July 2010

Reed Planting at Beddington

Hysni (top) and I (bottom) started planting the reed bed on the Southern Lake today with Beddington Farmlands ecologist Marcus (mid pic).

A good day's birding too while we were working: we got a juvenile Med Gull, Buzzard and Blackwit from the truck and Greenshank flew over while we were working. 2 LRP were on the northern lake. Juvenile Peregrine from the obs when I got back.


Anonymous said...

What species of rush were ypu planting Pete ' latifolia or augustifolia '? and at what depth will they be during the course of the year given the fluctuations of the water level?

Peter Alfrey said...

The ones growing in the polytunnel and also the ones that are growing else on site- transplants.
The water fluctuates through the year and the depth on the planting islands is variable too- from 1 cm to 20 cm.
So it is a mix of reeds (species? and height) that are avialable on site planted in varying water levels.