Friday, 27 March 2009

THE RSPB and Beddington

We have approached the RSPB on numerous occasions for help and they very politely tell us to f##k off. I guess that is the sickest thing about all these problems. The conservation bodies quite simply do not lend any support to local birding groups- it is not in their remit apparantely. They reckon they have bigger fish to fry- what is bigger than the sum of all the local patches in the UK?

What is more important than an accessible inticate and connected network of bird reserves which covers the entire country and provides local access to birds for every UK citizen. What is more important than providing birds with a place in every community across the country?

I am sick of listening to RSPB shite. 'Bigger fish to fry'- a lot of them are in it for head lines, career moves, and the 'glamour'- hob nobbing with 'big names' in conservation.

Change starts on the front line- not in brown nosing conferences and talking shops. They should get their heads out of eachothers arseholes, wipe the shit from their eyes and start helping birders.


Alan Tilmouth said...

You've probably already tried this but what about the local Wildlife Trust?

Peter Alfrey said...

Hi Alan,
I would be willing to try anything. I believe our group has tried everything- we need expert advice and guidance- we have to be able to match the strength of the corporations that we are fighting agaisnt- the answer- as far as I can see- lies in the power houses of conservation actually showing their true power. We have asked for their help in the past- they tell us to f##k off- what great leaders.

Tonk said...


Give me a call if you want to discuss further.

However because the site is not designated (it isn't is it?) or have any schedule 1 breeding species (I'm assuming it doesn't?) there would be little the RSPB could do, there is probably the will but the system does give NGO conservation bodies enough power to advocate protection of non designated sites. You could try Natural England as they will give you the frusturating complexities of the system - To comment RSPB would respond at the public consultation stage only a government organistion can be consulted ahead of this process (although I admit I'm not working in the planning department so my knowledge is fuzzy) - Many of my close friends work on this area and it is inceasingly frusturating for the RSPB and individual staff members I have known them to physically ill due to the overwhelming feeling of frusturation.

If you send me over some detail to my email I can have a word with one of our specialists but I think I know the answer.

Peter Alfrey said...

Cheers Simon,
All we were after was some visual support,maybe advise if possible, a sign that the RSPB are behind us, somewhere to go to back up our claims with some substance. We can do what is required on our own if we had that support- that sign of strength if you like. An endorsement.
We know that the planning system in most cases fails the environment, just need to work out a way how to get past the restaints and failures of the system at our local level.