Tuesday, 31 March 2009


It appears that the problems we are facing at Beddington are shared by many local birding patches. As a small group we simply do not have the legal knowledge or economic resources to oppose a developers mis-conduct. Our developers are not conforming to conditions set out in the public enquiry which granted permission to quarry and landfill for as long as certain habitat management restoration works were phased into the development.

Of course, the quarrying and landfill operations are well under way- and yes it is the restoration phase which is behind by about 7 years. There has been next to nothing in the way of phased restoration and the cost of catching up will be a huge liability to the company at a time in the economic cycle where costs are required to be cut.

The local authority do not possess the will or resources to enforce the conditions in the public enquiry so we are dealing with a situation of total planning failure.


Alan Tilmouth said...

Can you get the Environment correspondent of the regional newspaper interested. getbthe story in the press, get some negative publicity going and the company may start to take a little more notice.

Peter Alfrey said...

Will definately explore this avenue.
The more ideas and approaches the better.
Cheers Alan