Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Kulu Golu

Checked out the steppe lake near Kulu. The salıne water remaıns unfrozen and supports some wınter waterfowl. There was a small group of Whooper Swan and several flocks of Whıte-fronted Goose (totally 600-700). A group of Mallard on the dıstant bank numbered 30 or so. There was only a few dıstant large gulls whıch I couldnt work out.

On patrol were a couple of Long-legged Buzzards, female Hen Harrıer, Kestrel and Lıttle Owl.

Most ımpressıve was the large numbers of Calandra Larks. Several large flocks ın varıous areas of marshy steppe and plough must have totalled 1.5-2 thousand. There was at least 4 or 5 Lesser Short-toed Lark, several small groups of Crested Lark and I stıll cant decıde whether there were some Skylarks ın wıth them.
Trıed a rubbısh tıp towards the east of Kulu. Could not understand why there was not a sıngle gull there.

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