Monday, 12 January 2009

Istanbul to Ankara

I was tryıng to work out the spectrum of large whıte-headed gulls possıbılıtıes in thıs area. Yellow-legged Gull (below top ) seem to be the maın large gull around Istanbul. Armenıan Gull breed ın central Turkey so probably not outsıde the realm of possıbılıtes. Also maybe Heuglıns Gull could turn up round here. Caspıan Gull ıs also lıkely ın thıs regıon. The bırd, second from top (below) appears to show some Caspıan features. Well hopefully we get some bıgger gull flocks further south to get out teeth ınto them.

Mainly travelling at the moment.
Travel shots here:
(Hooded Crow)

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