Tuesday, 30 June 2020

The Old Vicarage

Enjoyed a very 'Norman' last few days, shopping, bbq, family time and gardening. What with the wind and rain I didn't even bother going to Otmoor, Farmoor or the Airfield to look for rarities (not the right wind and rain). I've spent a lot of time responding to the latest Viridor planning application too. They say 'Dare to be Dull' but it is very frightening.

So in order to knock myself into line I booked a trip to New Guinea to see Birds of Paradise (for my 50th in 2022). Also trying to get out to Bulgaria in August and September to move the Black Sea obs project forward. If I don't get out of this country soon I will be wearing crocs! I saw some for sale in LIDL yesterday and actually thought 'they would be handy for the garden instead of having to put my walking boots on and off'- that's how it starts!  

Anyway had a few new for years for the Old Vic moth list (191 for the year) and.... that was about it. The terrible thing about it all is that it was rather relaxing. 

 Early Thorn 
 All looking pretty good on the mini-farm 

Potatoes in pots- I know nothing about food growing (first time this year) but for anyone else as clueless as me if you put potatoes in pots and gradually fill up the pots to the brink as they grow you increase your yield and they are easier to harvest instead of having to dig them out. 
 A few spoils of our labour- Strawberries and Sugar snap Peas

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