Tuesday, 30 July 2019

More Moths

Fear not I am actually going birding tomorrow. The good spell of mothing continues. Here's a few highlights from both the Old Vic and the Beddington Farmlands trap over the last few days.

  Pine Hawkmoth- a long overdue lifer at the Old Vic
 Swallow Prominent at the Old Vic 
 Yellowtail at the Old Vic 
 Mystery moth- just a worn Smoky Wainscot or something like a Striped Wainscot or Reed Dagger (the Old Vic). It's a Smoky ! (Thanks Martin)  
 Golden Pearl, Anania verbascalis from Beddington Farmlands- I believe a first for site 
 Black-headed Conch, Cochylis atricapitana, Beddington Farmlands 
 Straw Conch, Cochylimorpha straminea, Beddington Farmlands 
Black Arches, Beddington Farmlands 

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