Thursday, 18 April 2019


Absolute hectic at the moment and been mainly updating happenings on social media. Here's a few links- click on for some more info and discussion etc. 

Back to work today and tomorrow birding at Staines with Lee but what a fantastic week and so far overall the public have been overall sympathetic of The Extinction Rebellion Uprising. 


Ric said...

The real problem is that humans exist at all, not that some care less about the planet than others.
No matter where our sympathies lie, we are all guilty of making life for every evolved species on earth a misery.
We are not an evolved species. How we come to be here (on earth) is known, but suppressed by those in government and mainstream science. In the meantime, our survival is at the expense of everything else.
Protests will not work. The masses are largely blind to nature wanting nothing but material for their impulses and appetites. All they'll do is get you arrested.
They'll do that because they'll deem you hypocrites who cause problems to other humans for the reason you are protesting.
You fly, you drive, you wear clothes, you eat. There isn't one atom of our existence for which the rest of the planet hasn't paid. The more active you are - the greater the damage.
There within lies the irony, the paradox. You travel the world and encourage the rest to do the same, and to make money from it, but leave a trail of unseen damage in your wake.
Are you concerned for the planet per se, or just enjoying yourself, concerned that other humans are spoiling your fun.
The question isn't, 'Am I destroyer of the natural world or not'? The answer is 'yes'. The argument is just a question of degree.

Peter Alfrey said...

Balance in the Anthropocene is possible. One Planet Living strategies are widely acknowledged but for a sustainable life style to become mainstream will involve a mass reduction in over-civilisation, a mass reduction in consumption of material products, a decentralisation of power and a technological revolution in providing renewal energy.

Unfortunately all environmentalists alive today are caught in a hypocrites web- by literally being in this primitive society results in the support of its systems. Committing mass murder and then suicide is probably the best option if you really want to save as much nature as possible in the short term, the second best more long term and I would say more sensible option is to connect as much as possible to the emerging ethical- sustainable economy (switch to green energy, buy conservation grade food, ethically sourced products, bank with responsible investors, volunteer for a socio-environmental cause, set up your own conservation organisation etc etc) and to support civil society and volunteer network in achieving political and practical gains for nature conservation.

Tbh I don't believe the transition to a sustainable more nature-centric society will be a peaceful transition, I think the human species will teeter on the edge of extinction and peer into the abyss of complete despair before we evolve into something a little less daft.