Friday, 22 March 2019

Extinction Rebellion Sutton

Ahead of International Rebellion Week which is coming up in mid-April we have set up a local Extinction Rebellion Cell in Sutton so please feel free to join our group or even set up your own group in your local area. We will be focusing on public information events, publicity stunts and action around the council, politicians and corporations calling on the council to declare a Climate and Ecological Emergency in the borough with particular reference to the ecological centre piece of the borough, Beddington Farmlands and the mass polluting largely unmitigated Viridor/Pennon Group Corporation's Beddington Farmlands incinerator. 

We have started a petition to call on council to declare a Climate and Ecological Emergency HERE in response not only to local ecological meltdown at Beddington Farmlands but also in response to national meltdown as UK government fails to meet nearly all its nature conservation targets set for 2020 SEE HERE.

Those issues on our doorstep are the ones we can contribute more directly to so by acting locally we can make a contribution to the national objectives (and in turn international objectives) by declaring a local climate and ecological emergency and responding proportionally. 

Our objectives include ensuring the completion of Beddington Farmlands Nature Reserve, mitigation for Viridor/Pennon's ecological damage caused, mitigation measures for Viridor/Pennon's greenhouse gas emissions, borough wide zero carbon targets and borough wide ecological recovery. 

We plan to direct the action around the delivery of two petitions, the petition to council to enforce planning conditions on Viridor to create the Beddington Farmlands Nature Reserve HERE (now over 6000 signatures) and the new petition to declare a climate and ecological emergency in the borough. We want to do a lot more than just make noise so in addition to the direct action and the petitions which are aimed at corporate and government accountability we are also planning public information events to get more members for Extinction Rebellion, the Green Party, other local community groups and Beddington Farmlands and to take part in projects that deliver the solutions ourselves. 

Where there is resistance from government and corporations to deliver their social and environmental obligations to our local democracy or where they block our independent efforts we intend to respond with non-violent civil disobedience. 

We will also be supporting action directed in the Capital as part of mass civil disobedience events organised by Extinction Rebellion HQ  aimed at Central Government to declare a National climate and ecological emergency. 

So please join the group here:  EXTINCTION REBELLION SUTTON


barry said...

All Good. Thank goodness folks are at last getting angry.
The Feather.

Peter Alfrey said...

I think there's a real ground swell at the moment and lots of positive energy for change particularly about the climate crisis. The difficult challenge is harnessing some of the energy into strategic objectives which often involves intricate detail and processes, such as getting political candidates to stand, writing policy, getting people to vote, sign petitions, setting up solution groups, new businesses etc. The main thing is to catch as much one this wave as possible!