Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Visit to Tring

Visited the natural history museum at Tring on Monday to do a bit of work on the upperpart colour of Yellow-legged gulls as part of a paper we are currently writing on Azores Gull.  Always feel like a kid in a sweet shop at Tring and can never resist having a look through some of the other trays. Amazing to think that most of our birding field guides were generated from this collection and also interesting to hear from Hien (who welcomed me) how the museum is struggling to keep up with the rapid rate of taxonomic change i.e. Yellow-legged Gull was still classified as Larus argentatus michahellis and the taxon that I was looking for lusitanius/cantabricans wasn't even there- Hien suggested I get myself to Basque Country with a gun to collect some specimens. Might just do that. 

 Yellow-legged Gulls, michahellis and atlantis 
 I was trying to get some comparative upperpart colours of adults between different Yellow-legged Gull populations  
 The remote nearest I've ever come to actually finding my dream gull find- Black-tailed Gull 
 A tray of Poms 
 A tray of South Polar Skuas 
 Juv Pom anyone? 

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