Saturday, 11 August 2018

Another good moth week

With a return to some warm evenings earlier in the week and some changeable conditions it's proven to be pretty interesting on the moth front. A few highlights pictured below including some first records for Beddington Farmlands. Had a peak of 45 species on one night. 

 Garden Tiger- two of these together one evening. Also up to 7 Jersey Tigers
 Poplar Hawkmoth- not a common moth locally 
 Red Underwing- the first for year 
 Small Ranunculus (with Vine's Rustic)  - becoming more regular here. One of the few times we've had two together. 
 Canary Shouldered Thorn- a good year for these 
 Cypress Pug- the first for year 
 I believe this is Turnip Moth, although Heart and Club and Garden Dart can be similar
 Cydia fagiglandana- if correct id a first for the farmlands
 Lathronnympha strigana- a first for the farmlands 
Nephopterix angustella- another first for the farmlands 

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