Friday, 30 March 2018

Western Sahara Landscapes

Back from a fantastic trip to the Western Sahara- totally epic! WP specialities, oasis migrants, desert mammals and stunning landscapes. I'll post pics over the next few days of Landscapes, Desert Wildlife, Migrants and Western Sahara specialities. So here's a few landscape shots. 

 Stoney desert with tussocks and scattered low shrubs- habitat of African Desert Warbler, desert larks and desert mammals 
 Rocky outcrops at Laglatt and Derramen- habitat of Pharoh Eagle Owl, Golden Eagles with migrants in the scattered scrub and raptors overhead using the outcrops to navigate and pick up thermals 
 Dunes and rocky outcrop at Laglatt- the scattered Acacia concentrate migrants
 More tpyical desert habitat on the Aousserd Road 
 Rocky gorge at Laglatt- habitat for Blue Rock Thrush and Desert Larks
Oued Jenna with Acacia scrub in a narrow wet belt forming one of the most bird concentrated areas in the region- habitat for Golden Nightjar, Cricket Warblers, Sudan Golden Sparrows, Desert Sparrow and migrants
Looking from Laglatt over to Oued Jenna

 Desert Birding 
Our night drive set up 

Birds and desert animals photos to follow over next few days.