Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Even the mafia won't allow money to be made out of mass bulk incinerators?

Check this out! If the Italians won't have it than there must be something well dodgy with incineration? If the mafia thought incinerators were a good way of making money they would have shot this bloke dead long time ago? It's in english- just a few seconds in Italian at beginning.

I really don't know anything about this side of the campaign as my area is the effect of the incinerator on the biodiversity. However why have the Italians stopped 50 of these things from being built?? Got to be something wrong with them?


Unknown said...

Totally agree keep these monstrosities out of Beddington or anywhere else for that matter. Ciao.

Jason & Francesca

Peter Alfrey said...

:-) Cheers Jason. Sorry about the crude link between the mafia and Italian environmental policy implementation- I was trying to seed the idea that (and please forgive me again) that Italian politics is generally perceived as some of the most corrupt in Europe but when it comes to clean air and protecting children it appears that the priority is to not take any chances for the sake of making money. It's a leading example.