Sunday, 4 August 2013

Day Trip- Banstead Woods

 Clouded Yellow (helice form) - a first for the site
 Cut-leaved Germander- mega rare plant
 Round-leaved Fluellen
 Yellow Bird's Nest (Dutchman's Pipe)
 Chalkhill Blue- 50+ of these today

 CFBW Bird Group
Steve Gale over looking Chipstead Valley
I planned a day out away from Beddington and was hoping to get to the Thames Estuary. However I ended up 15 minutes from Beddington at our neighbouring local patch Canons Farm and Banstead Wood and joined in a butterfly and wildflower walk. Basically it was brilliant but here's the account from the local boys:


Steve Gale said...

Who is the old fat bloke in the last two pictures?

Peter Alfrey said...

Must be hiding- I can only see a top local naturalist in his prime! :-)