Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Deciding the future of Beddington Farmlands

Spent this evening at the planning control committee meeting to decide on the incinerator at Beddington Farmlands. I was one of ten speakers at the meeting and there was a crowd of 100+ people.

The committee decided to defer the decision and collect more information so at the moment the future of Beddington Farmlands hangs in the balance.
Bloody exciting meeting with all the sides of the arguments being delivered in style. Hopefully if all sides of the arguments are accounted for it should be a good result for the farmlands, the wildlife and the local community.
Almost eclipsed the fact that I found a Wood Warbler near the triangle this afternoon- a Beddington tick- my 214th bird on site. Unfortunately no photos and rather annoyingly my sound approach gear arrived in the post today which I could have done with to record the singing bird. Typically for a migrant it was not delivering its full song- mainly the trilling part. The other guys had a Redstart and a pair of Garganey.
All in all an action packed day.
More on planning meeting here:

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