Sunday, 10 March 2013

Morocco Day One

Atlas Mountains from Oukaimeden 
(African) Crimson-winged Finch R.s.alienus/aliena
Levaillant's Woodpecker 
'Atlas Horned Lark' E.a.atlas
House Bunting 
Crocus sp. 
Narcissus bulbocodium 
High Atlas Day Gheko? 
Mountain settlement 
'Doing' Morocco at the moment. Spent today in the Atlas Mountains and foothills from Marrakesh. Highlight of the day was bartering for a fossil from a street salesman that started at 50 quid and closed at 2 pound and 5 p.


StourbridgeRantBoy said...

Very envious, my fave trip location, last trip endNove/BeginDec 2012. Just a bit of late-Autumn birding, surprise find was a Hawfinch at Zagora and a Dec Rock Thrush at Essaouria.

Hv a nice trip and i look forward to updates....

Laurie -

Peter Alfrey said...

Cheers Laurie,
great place

Flappen Caboin said...

The geckos depicted are nice Quedenfeldtia trachyblepharus. Great pictures overall!

Peter Alfrey said...

Thanks Flappen