Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Inner London Day Trip

Hyde Park Beardies

Kensington Gardens waterfowl
Dingers and Martin Honey (Lepidoptera curator at NHM)
The Cacoon- 12 million entomological specimens stored here

Lee had discovered an unidentified moth while working in the Brazilian rain forest so we took some photos of it to the Natural History Museum to see if we could find it in the specimen collection. With the help of the museum curator we managed to identify it and Lee is going to do some more investigation to see if it has been recorded in that area before.
On the way to the museum we stopped off at the Beardies in Hyde Park. Good to see Hyde Park Gaurdian Des McKenzie,  and also quite a good selection of waterfowl on the Serpentine including quite a few Shoveler.
More on today from Lee here:

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