Wednesday, 12 September 2012



As many would have heard a planning application has been submitted to build an Energy Recovery Facility (i.e. an incinerator) on Beddington Farmlands.

The view of the bird and wildlife group is that we do not support the application because Beddington Farmlands is Metropolitan Open Land (Green Belt) and also the incinerator is not complimentary to the ethos of the nature and country park that Beddington Farmlands is being developed into. The restoration of Beddington Farmlands has been compromised and delayed for many years and most of the species that were targeted for conservation have declined. Therefore our support is not for an incinerator but for conservation targets to be met and for the restoration to be delivered for a nature area for people and wildlife.

The deadline for public consultation of the Beddington Farmlands Incinerator is on 18th September so there is still time to make your comments here:

or you can email your comments to:

Every comment is very important in the planning decision making process.

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