Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Church and Pub

Meet up this morning with Anna from Sutton's Biodiversity Gardens Project to do a Phase One Survey on the Church grounds and learnt a bit about grasses and dandelion looking plants- which basically are all really confusing.

White Ermine (I-spot id)
Meadow experiment area in Church Grounds- quite a few Agriphila geniculea moths in the longer grass and plenty of composites amongst the grasses e.g. Cat's ears, Hawkweeds, Smooth Sow-thistles. Hopefully we can introduce some more colour into the meadow with some cornflowers, knapweeds, scabious etc. 
 Spent the rest of the day going through the Beddington Farmlands Energy Recovery Facility Planning Application and the evening in the pub with Derek and Keith planning our response.

A few of the Beddington Farmlands ERF Planning docs

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