Saturday, 2 June 2012


Red Kite and corvids 
Adela crosella

Almost half way through the year. Red Kite, 6 Ringed Plover, 1 Common Tern, 2 LRP and Shelducks prospecting the boxes was the birding highlights of this morning.
Roger found this long horn moth- a new one for me. Moth list now on 157 and Beddington Biodiversity list on 726.
Not a lot else on this rather cool and grey June morning.


Nick Tanner said...

hello Peter

I could be wrong but your longhorn moth looks like Nemophora degeerella to me

regards Nick Tanner

Peter Alfrey said...

Hi Nick,
you're probably right- I went for this one becuase in the new micro book the antennae looked like a better fit but that was my only reason. All my moth ids are still tentative so please let me know if you pick up any other dodgy stuff :-) cheers Nick

Nick Tanner said...


the males of both species have exremely long antennae, the females are much shorter, I haven't seen the new micro book yet but I'm guessing that the male antennae are too long to fit on the page!


Peter Alfrey said...

I just had another look and it does look like the markings are closer to degeerella- and it is more common.
Cheers Nick