Monday, 12 March 2012

Hackbridge Wildlife Corridors and Gateway to Beddington Farmlands

Wildflower meadows are an option that is being explored for the verges in Hackbridge

Lavender has an historical significance in the area and is also good for insects. The artist impression above is of lavender planting at Hackbridge Railway Station (Lysanne Horrox)

Even simple bulb planting can provide interest and nectar for insects. Artist impression of The Green, Hackbridge (Lysanne Horrox)

Neighbourhood Planning Group including members of London Borough of Sutton, CABE (Design Council), University College London, Bioregional, Beddington Farmlands Bird Group and local garden designers, green businesses, architects, estate directors and residents (Helen Barrowclough)

It has been non-stop meetings recently as things move towards presenting draft copies of the Neighbourhood Plan as part of new Localism developments. Beddington Farmlands is an integral part of the Hackbridge Neighbourhood Plan as one of the main objectives is connecting the Beddington Farmlands nature reserve to the River Wandle via Wildlife Corridors and wildlife networks through Hackbridge village. This will be a great development as it represents an important development in the way that wildlife is planned for- not just in reserves but as an integral part of the whole planning process connecting reserves through corridors via urban areas.

The proposal to develop the Beddington Farmlands Nature Reserve gateway and visitors centre in Hackbridge is also a priorty issue in the neighbourhood plan.

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