Sunday, 12 February 2012

Winter Wildlife

Adult Water Rail- Beetlejuice (aka our very own Natural History Museum team member and world bettle expert) informs us that younger birds have a pale area around the 'forehead'

Brown Rat

Fox on Ice

Colt's-foot already beginning to flower. Also called son-before-father as the flowers appear before the leaves

Turkey-tail (we think)
A lot of the movement has stopped today although there were still about 80 Fieldfare and 60 Redwings about. About 50 Meadow Pipits on the mounds and early morning there were the 3 Curlew which have been hanging around for a while now and one of the Iceland Gulls was breifly on the lake.


wolfy said...

Fox on Ice is incredibly beautiful . . .

Peter Alfrey said...

Foxes in snow and ice look at their best I reckon. Nice to have had a bit of proper winter. Cheers Wolfy.