Thursday, 10 November 2011

Mission Statement

Pic by Twigg
Few are unaware of the current economic, social and environmental crisis that we are all in. An over-valuing of economic growth and an under valuing of the majority of people and the environment is, needless to say, the cause of this crisis. It is also quite obvious that the solution to the problem is finding a balance between economic growth and social and environmental well being. Economy, society and the environment are interwoven and a healthy economy is generated by healthy balanced individuals managing their environments well. Until enough people start doing that- overall decline will be the order of the day.

In my opinion the best thing that I can do through the decline is to sort myself out and to attempt to make a contribution to the solution by doing my bit towards improvements where I can.

To this end I am concentrating on three main projects:

1) LOCAL PATCH: To facilitate in the development of Beddington Farmlands Nature Reserve (and also greening in the nearby village of Hackbridge and environs)
2) FOREIGN PATCH: To explore the avifauna of the Azores and to help develop the birding community there to protect and enhance the environment.
3) To put together a music/art project about being part of an improved condition.

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