Sunday, 16 October 2011


Glossy Ibis (presumed) flew in this evening

Purple Martin still around

Atlantic Canaries



A fairly quiet day on Corvo as winds persist from the north east. 3 Spoonbills arrived on Soa Miguel and a Glossy Ibis here so perhaps we should expect more arrivals from the continent. The Purple Martin is still present, a Buff-bellied Pipit still at the reservoir and a Red-eyed Vireo was in De Ponte.

The Fea's type Petrel is still offshore and an adult Pomarine Skua is also around.


Bomber said...

The butterfly is Long-tailed Blue.
The moth is one of the Plusias for sure. The closest species I know which it looks like is Slender Burnished Brass but I suspect it's a species not even on my radar. No doubt closely related though. Island form?

Peter Alfrey said...

Just googled both of them and Long-taileds are regular here and so is Slender Burnished Brass. Only 150 species of moths and butterflies recorded for the Azores apparantely.