Sunday, 22 May 2011

Birds, Bears, Wolves and Mammals in Europe

Our recent trip to Bulgaria was in search of Birds, bears and mammals and we managed to see a Bear and a few mammals but missed Wolf- (Bulgaria still needs a reliable Wolf area).
However my comrade Jaffa who was despatched to another part of Europe was even more successful in his mission. Have a look here:

The European Safari theme is something we have been working on for a while. Here are some previous posts:

I'm back on the job next week looking for birds and marine life- this time on the Azores for a Marine Safari- there is going to 13 of us on a boat for a week! :


Jaffa said...

Hi Pete,

Thanks for the link to the blog. Bulgaria sounds very good and we need to catch up and swap notes!
Let's try and pin a date to meet after your Azores trip?

Peter Alfrey said...

Your song video is nearly ready :-)
Sam is back for the August bird fair so maybe then?