Monday, 14 February 2011


This bird was ringed as a pullus on the 17/06/2010 at Hellevoetsluis, Slijkplaat, Zuid-Holland. The first sighting of this bird was then on 16/10/2010 at Great Yarmouth seafront, Norfolk and then not seen / recorded until last week when on Praia da Vitoria beach, Terceira (via Simon).


Kari Haataja's birding blog said...

I recorded a color-ringed Little Egret on Oct 15th 2010 at Praia de Vittoria and the bird was ringed summer 2010 as pullus in Ireland near Galway. It was first control of Irish Little Egret outside of Ireland and surprisingly in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean at Terceira over 2000km from the ringing place.

Peter Alfrey said...

Very interesting. I wonder..i assume Little Egret breeding in Ireland is a recent event. Perhaps these new colonists have young which instinctively fly south or south west- which in their pre-expansion range would have worked well. Perhaps a few young Irish Little Egrets head out into the Atlantic but this one was lucky to make it to a safe haven? Who knows? A fascinating recovery.