Monday, 7 June 2010


Many UK sea watchers are leather faced, blood shot eyed, bleached and worn after years of searching the oceans for a seabird mega like a 'Soft-plumaged Petrel' or a 'Little Shearwater'.

Jaffa is a moisturising, cake eating friend of mine who enjoys the couch and the odd spot of relaxed birding. In the last year he has found both Fea's Petrel and now Little Shearwater in UK waters. The lucky jammy bakewell tart eating bastad describes the event here:

Darryl's side of the story here:


Lee Dingain said...

Not to mention that Jaffa also found Monti's, Red Kite, all four UK skuas, summer plum Great Northern Diver, Siberian Chiffchaff, Black Redtsart and Wheatear in his garden, and got his film of a Water Rail eating a meadow Pipit on to BBCs Snow Watch, all within a year of moving to Budleigh! I've been laying on the sofa slapping on the Oil of Olay and filling my face with Chelsea Buns for ages now but still found bugger all!!!

Peter Alfrey said...

That why they call him jammy jaffa.
It's the snow watch one that really winds me up.

Jaffa said...

To be fair, I think you'll find I do more than a "spot" of birding Mr Alfrey and as for relaxed - I am always relaxed, the best way to be! Finding a Common Crane from your window with a cup of coffee in hand? - You just needed a bakewell and it could have been Demoiselle! When are you coming down to see me in Cream Tea land?

Peter Alfrey said...

Watching Life of Birds on the 34 inch with one eye, the other eye is out of the window over the Beddington lake and cherry bakewell and coffee in hands. Beat that CTB!
Adious odd-spot birder from non-stop birder.