Thursday, 12 November 2009

Woodcock- Beddington Farmlands 11th November

Flushed a Woodcock from the old hay field. Last time I saw Woodcock at Beddington was in 1988!
Spent the rest of the time trying to find a Firecrest in the bushes around the Old Hay Field and Old Gravel Pit and then a failed attempt at flushing a Dick's Pipit or Snow Bunting from the Bikers Field.
I need a few Beddington tart's ticks which are gettable this time of year- Snow Bunting, Hen Harrier and White-fronted Goose so need to put in more on the daily grind front.


Manley Stringer said...

Tarts ticks ? You'll be saying Treegripper is a tarts tick next lol

Peter Alfrey said...

For Premier League- it's shameful :-))