Friday, 18 September 2009

Looking interesting for Nearctic Vagrancy

Yanks in Iceland, Ireland and Scotland is my predicition by early next week. I reckon mainly waders but also some passerines too with these lower level winds. Will be interesting to see if an influx of nearctic migrants arrive on the Azores (as 'shrapnal') even though the track of these depressions is rather far north. Worth keeping an eye on this chap, Olof, who is located at the epicentre of WP nearctic landbird vagrancy, Corvo, for the entire autumn: ttp://

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Peter Alfrey said...

22nd September!
A spot on prediction.
Sandhill Crane in Northern Isles, Solitiary Sand in Ireland and 3 Buff-bellied Pipits on Iceland. More to be found probably.