Saturday, 2 May 2009


Well, thanks to a Crested Lark, an Eastern Bonelli's Warbler and a Collared Flycatcher hardly anyone turned up for the Patchwatch.

We managed 65 species the highlights being a male Whinchat, one Common Buzzard and two Common Tern.
Despite a generally quiet birding day there was plenty of action. Factions of the Beddington Birders included the IBB (Independent Beddington Birders) staking out Hangman's Bridge, the ABFBG (Alternative Beddington Farm Bird Group) on the viewing mound and very little showing of the core BFBG (Beddington Farm Bird Group). The IBB were forced to retreat prematurely from the Whinchat (within the perimeter fence from whence the IBB are banned) when the approaching ABFBG was spotted coming back from Portland.
Most significant event of the day was when members of the ABFBG were re-fueling in the local cafe (Andrews) when suddenly the front glass was blown out by a drive by shooting. I had to leave my set breakfast and coffee because it was covered in shards of glass. Luckily nobody was hurt. The IBB have not been totally ruled out as suspects, although the reported three men in a transit did not fit the IBB description- they can't drive . (I WISH THIS WASN'T A TRUE STORY!!)


Graham James said...

Hi Peter,
Hardly an uneventful day with the shooting. Thank goodness none of you were injured.
The Whinchat was a cracking bird to get but, like Beddington, Holmethorpe was disappointing today with little on the move, the weather seems too settled at present.

Peter Alfrey said...

Hi Graham,
Yes luckily nobody was hurt- but the mentality of some people!!- I am sure this area is getting worse.

Anyway, despite the birding being a bit disappointing we managed to get some time to count numbers of common birds on the site- a good year for Whitethroats, Blackcaps and Reed Warblers but less pairs of Lapwings. Lots of Grey Herons about.