Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Kittiwakes in the Med

Came across a group of eight Kittiwakes feeding close to the shore near Ugarhit in Syria. Presumably a rarity in these parts.



It is on the Syrian list, as a vagrant.

I am off there for 5 weeks in early narch - very much looking forward to it, and good to follow your blog

Martin Scott

Peter Alfrey said...

Cheers Martin,
There is a lot of potential out here and the migration sounds spectacular. I have only been able to scratch the birding surface becasue I have had family commitments but am planning on a spring trip next year. Some of the small and isolated oasis in the vicinty of Palmyra are presumably the best and easily accessible migrant traps.
Looking forward to read what you find.

Yoav said...


I hope getting comments from a neighbour 2 states down the med coast won't get you in trouble.

This seems to be an exceptional winter for kittiwakes over here. On most years they are just about annual, with hardly any multiple records. The last week brought many kitties to our shores, including groups of 4's and 3's.

Looking forward to have you here during migration,


Peter Alfrey said...

Cheers for that Yoav,
Is the influx related to weather- I haven't been keeping up with it. Was there an association to a big storm in the Atlantic.
Thanks again