Friday, 5 December 2008

Beddington- a good winter's day

There are now four Long-eared Owls, which are clearly visible from the public area. A Peregrine went over causing a passing flock of Ring-necked Parakeets to dive into the trees alongside the lake. It took me over a decade to see Ring-necked Parakeet over the farm. Tonight there were flocks flying over, heading to a roost, somewhere. This is a very recent development. I heard that there had been some kind of disturbance to the roost at Esher rugby club where over 2000 used to roost, so maybe part of this population has relocated in this area somewhere.


Adult Lesser-black backed Gull- I think it is fair to say that this species is out numbered by Herring Gull by something like 500 to one.
There are some good winter birds on the farm at the moment. Four Long-eared Owls, two Barn Owls,, Dartford Warbler, Stonechats, Peregrine and hopefully soon a white-winger and Jack Snipe.

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